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Purchasing from used car listings can be a challenging experience and some buyers may end up with a vehicle that doesn't match their requirements. Researching various online car listings is important -- buyers should be well informed about the prices offered by auto websites. Buyers can purchase the perfect car, provided they research minute details and do their homework before making a payment. Here are a few tips to bear in mind before making an online used car purchase.


  • Determine the type of car. Avoid making impulsive decisions and purchasing cars that don't match your lifestyle. Make a list of your routine driving needs and select a car that best matches those needs.

  • Define your budget. Consider the maximum monthly payment that you can afford and look at used car listings with this price in mind.

  • Define the features you need. Just as optional features increase the cost of a new car, they can make a used car more expensive. If you won't use a navigation system, for instance, it might be cheaper to choose a used car without one.

  • Factor in additional costs. Apart from the car's selling price, you should also budget for taxes and other fees that often add 10%. Once the total cost of the car is determined, look at your financing options to obtain the best deal available.

  • Cross-reference various online used car listings. To get a quality car for a good price, putting in the extra time.

  • Run a vehicle history check. Before selecting any used car online, it's advisable to run a vehicle history check to find out if the car has been in accidents. A vehicle's history report also provides information on the number of times the car was previously sold.

  • Use different search criteria. Most used car websites allow buyers to search online listings according to various search parameters. Buyers may research used cars based on vehicle type, vehicle size and mileage. This helps narrow a list to cars that closely match specific requirements. It's best to shop around for a while before making a final decision.

  • Stay informed about scams and deals. In addition to looking up car listings, many used car websites provide up-to-date news about scams to avoid and certified dealers to buy from.

  • Read car reviews. It's advisable to read reviews for the specific type of used car you intend to purchase.

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